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Our company builds Koi ponds and water features in all shapes and sizes using various systems and materials based on our clients specifications, needs,  and budget.  View our portfolio showing examples of ponds that we have installed.   We are very experienced in pond building in all stages: design, install, maintain, and repair.  Ponds and water features are our specialty.


We build concrete ponds and liner ponds.  Each style of pond construction has its advantages. Typically, larger fish ponds are made of concrete while smaller water gardens use liner for a more natural look.  Formal ponds tend to be made of concrete, brick, or stone, while more free-form water features use liner.  Most backyard ponds are built using liner to keep costs down and provide design flexibility.  Pond fish don't mind either way as long as their environment is healthy and balanced.


Already have a pond?  Our fish feeding guidelines provides a review on how keep your fish healthy and happy following a proper diet according to season and water temperature.


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