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Concrete Koi and Fish Ponds


Concrete fish ponds are often installed by Koi enthusiasts who want to have lots of big beautiful Koi fish or "Living Jewels" and are not planning on moving from their property in the short term.  Concrete ponds are typically deep, built exclusively for Koi keeping, and have a high-quality filtration system. 


We have built many concrete Koi ponds and have the experience and knowledge needed to build your Koi pond. Along with our expertise in pond building, we design and install complete filtration systems to accommodate the types and quantities of Koi desired. 

Meeting the expectations of the pond owner/operator is our goal.  We build with the latest techniques and technologies that are available so that you benefit with ease of maintenance and energy-efficiency over the lifetime of the water feature.  Contact us for a consultation if you are thinking about getting a Koi pond or water feature.  We can help. 


View some examples of our work in the gallery below.


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