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Liner Ponds


We take pride in creating water features that appear to have formed naturally in the landscape. With natural materials and pond building equipment our crew can transform your backyard or outdoor space into a garden oasis with Koi fish, aquatic plants, and beautiful surrounding landscaping.  Small spaces are one of our specialties. 


For the pond or water feature liner, we use high quality EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) liner which provides excellent durability and flexibility in ambient temperatures ranging from -30F to 170F. Other benefits of EPDM liner is it's resistance to UV radiation, algae attacks, microbial buildup, and year-round weathering.  EPDM liner material is fish friendly and safe for wildlife. The black color of the liner highlights the beauty of colored fish such as Koi or  goldfish in the pond.  EPDM liner is a cost-effective  and easy to maintain solution when building ponds and is generally guaranteed for 20 years. 


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