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Fountain Types


There are three main types of fountains:  spray, splash, and spill


Splash Fountains

Splash fountains pump water up through a sculpture and splash over a series of surfaces into a pool.  This is probably the oldest type of fountain and has been around for centuries. The water inlet is frequently an art object which is the main characteristic of splash sculpture fountains.


Spill Fountains

Spill fountains are designed to capture falling water onto a particular surface.  Generally there is no attempt to hide the source of water.  No fountain heads are used.  This is a good choice if the fountain is located in a windy area. The classic Japanese tsukubai or hollowed out bamboo rod trickling into a concave stone basin is the model of simplicity for this fountain type. 


Spray Fountains

Spray fountains use water in opposition to gravity, often flowing in picturesque water patterns, sometimes the spray interacts with sculpture, or falling water. 





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